You: Epic Regulated Marijuana Brand that spends thousands upon thousands of dollars marketing all your awesome products which make people feel relieved, great, happy, exuberant, sexified, chill, dancey, chatty, reserved, munchy, elated.

You spends the cash to build your audience. So why just put an online ordering platform link on your website or on social media channels that just direct your audience to a dispensary that may or may not currently have your product. You’re just giving it away.

Wants to buy. Looking for best cartridge on google, finds best cartridge in search, goes to brand website, and nothing.

Wants to buy. Looking for best preroll on google, finds best preroll in search, goes to brand website, and nothing.

As a cannabis brand, you most likely have a map on your website with locations that may or may not have an active list of your current products. This is actually pretty common – even with one of the top (and pretty cool) edible cannabis brands in the United States.

Follows their favorite edible brand.Wants to buy. Goes to brand website and is overjoyed with all the locations. Picks location, leaves brand website, and finds nothing.

What is a brand to do? 😩

Us: We have a better way. We direct your customers directly to the dispensaries where your products are in stock, regardless of which online ordering platform any dispensary happens to be using.


We’re focusing on getting your products in the hands of your customers in the most direct way possible 🤩. Let’s have a look at this quick customer journey from one of our favorite Oregon brands:

Follows their favorite cannabis brand.Wants to buy. Goes to brand website and is overjoyed with all the locations. Picks location, finds product, buys. Yay!

We validate all your products daily so customers know where and when they’re in stock.

Our propriatery Catalog Algorithm Tracker validating your product stock in dispensaries, so you don’t have to.

You: This is amazing, I’d like more info.

Us: Hit us up, we’re a small team who want to help, because this problem is real and we don’t like it when we can’t find our high – we want to say howdy to our high. Howdy high 👋

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Lisa Mokovic

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Jason Moran

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Kiana Chapman

Kiana Chapman

Yoga Trainer

Namaste Kiana. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to your favorite marijuana brand’s website and know exactly where you could find there products and if they are in stock?